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266 items of craftsman style front doors products were found here and their prices may vary depending on the profiles, hardware, designs and specifications required.

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Do you afford installation services for craftsman style front doors products?

China WDMA craftsman style front doors are custom designed or pre-designed as the standard concept that is the industry standard for North America / Europe / Australia and many other parts of the world. Most craftsman style front doors in North America consist of pre-assembled craftsman style front doors, and the majority of general contractors and craftsman style front doors installers often have experience with this type of installation. So we encourage homeowners / dealers to consider hire craftsman style front doors installers locally. We also have a team of expert craftsman style front doors installers in California, Toronto who can assemble the craftsman style front doors and provide professional craftsman style front doors installation service for you.

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Hello My Dear Friend, Starting from April 2021, shipping container are in short supply and ocean freight rates are rising, this situation will continue until August 2021 sincerely to recommended, if you want to ship your craftsman style front doors before the end of July, it is best to confirm the order in May or June. Thank you.

How many craftsman style front doors products in this collection?

266 craftsman style front doors products found in the contemporary modern architectural style of Craftsman Style Front Doors on China WDMA.

craftsman style front doors: Options and Replacement?

Available both for New Construction and Replacement.

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What are Craftsman Sytle Doors?

Classic craftsman style doors are made of solid wood such as mahogany, cherry or oak. While nowadays, it uses modern materials coupled with the wood grain to give a realistic wood look. The craftsman style has become a staple of American design, especially the front door. Craftsman exterior doors, often on the porches of bungalows and villas, seem to have sparked a trend of handmade items across the United States. Perhaps this is partly due to the timeless details of their wooden structure or wooden appearance and design, both influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement in England and implemented in the first artisan-style home in California.

Craftsman Front Door Style Features

If accompanied by a proper artisan-style house, the front door might sit on a charming porch -- perhaps a long dome that wraps around or parallels the home's exterior. Once you recognize its main features, the door's design is iconic, including panes of clear or stained glass in the upper third of the door and panels in the lower two-thirds of the door. Craftsman doors may also have a small ledge with moulded details under the glass panes. The most common numbers are three or six panes of glass along the top. If you find doors with three panes, they will run as three vertical rectangles, while options with six panes will run in a grid format. Of course, other options are also available, including doors with full glass Windows.
Earth tone is famous in an artisan type family that may include a range of colours from light blues and aloe vera greens to warm options such as reddish-brown or colourful woody mahogany. The most iconic version of the door features coloured wood; However, this earthy palette and neutrals are also popular choices.
Wood is the preferred material for most artisans' exterior doors. It may be partly due to the home's architecture, often characterized by wooden railings, among other elements. It may also have something to do with the idea that wood gave rise to craftsmanship - as it did in the doors of the original artisans' homes in the early 1900s, as well as in many doors produced today.

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