What is a hurricane proof door?
A hurricane proof door is a door with tempered laminated glass to equip with great strength to resistant strong window and other extremer climates. Laminated glass are also known as hurricane-resistant or storm-proof windows. As other window type, the window frame could be vinyl, aluminum, wood and steel.
Do I need hurricane proof doors?
Hurricane proof doors are with strong and impact-resistant glass, which is great for areas that hurricanes and strong window show out. As thunderstorm might carry debris, which is a great threat to your windows. Once the windows is broken, the debris might even fly into the your home, more damage is caused.
Do you afford installation services for hurrican proof door products?

China WDMA hurrican proof door products are custom designed or pre-designed as the standard concept that is the industry standard for North America / Europe / Australia and many other parts of the world. Most hurrican proof door in North America consist of pre-assembled hurrican proof door, and the majority of general contractors and hurrican proof door installers often have experience with this type of installation. So we encourage homeowners / dealers to consider hire installers locally. We also have a team of expert hurrican proof door installers in California, Toronto who can assemble the hurrican proof door and provide professional hurrican proof door installation service for you.

Is it possible to buy hurrican proof door parts for replacement only?

We only sell hurrican proof door parts, such as sash handles, balances, swing hardware, locks to our regular customers for existing projects.

hurrican proof door: Options and Replacement?

Available both for New Construction and Replacement.

We sell hurrican proof door directly to Homeowners / Builders / General Contractors.

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